Next Club Events

May 27-29:  Drop-in work parties!  Text “Andrew” at 702-275-1468 if you can help.

June 2:  All trails closed for 3D shoot set-up.  Practice range is OPEN.

June 3-4:  50-target 3D shoot.  See the flyer under “Calendar” for details.

June 6:  Board meeting, 6:30 pm TUESDAY,  at the home of Jim Steele.  2578 W28th, Eugene.

June 17:  Campground opens for shooters in OBH/NFAA fields.

June 24-25:   OBH State & NFAA Regional Field Archery championships.

June 26:  Campground opens for Safari shooters.

July 1-2:  Greater Oregon Safari.      Everything you need to know!