Next Club Events

Next Work party:    March 28-29, starting at 9 am both days.  All trails will be CLOSED.   For members who need contribute work hours, this is a great opportunity.

NEXT Open House SHOOT:  April Fool’s 3D shoot, April 11-12!   Click here for flyer.
Where do the deer and the antelope play volleyball?  Where can you interrupt Yogi and Baboo on a pic-a-nic?  Bring your friends and family for a terrific day or two of archery on our beautiful trails, and enjoy a few laughs over 3-D targets set up in a not-so-usual way!   Nobody keeps score; this is strictly for fun. New to archery?  Just walk up close enough that you can’t miss!  The kitchen will be open for breakfast and lunch.

Registration is 7:30-11:00 am; range closes at 3 pm on both days.

  • Adults:  $15 (1 day), $20 (both days)
  • Family $25 (1 day), $35 (both days)
  • Youth 11-17: $10 (1 day); $15 (both days)
  • Cubs (under age 11):  FREE!

Show your OBH, NFAA, or Cascadian membership card for a $2 discount on shoot registration.