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Camping at Cascadian Bowmen

We want everyone camping at Cascadian Bowmen to have a safe and enjoyable time. To that end, we have outlined the camping rules that everyone must follow below.

All campers must have a waiver on file with the club. If you haven't completed your waiver yet, you can find it by clicking the button below.

Camping Rules

Designated Areas

Camp only in the designated camping area.


Everything is flammable. Therefore,

  1. No open campfires.

  2. No smoking, except in the main parking lot, on the gravel.

  3. Propane fire pits and barbecues are allowed.


  1. Dogs must be leashed or on tie-outs at all times.

  2. Voice control is not acceptable.

  3. Pick up after dogs and dispose of fecal material in your trash bin.


Take your trash with you. We do not have scheduled trash service. Left-over trash attracts nuisance wildlife.

Quiet Hours

Campers will observe quiet hours from 10pm to 6am.


No alcohol consumption while shooting.


  1. Free with no hookups.

  2. $10 per night for electric. Please write a check or place cash in an envelope and deposit it in the green dropbox next to the door to the indoor range.

Maximum Stay

One week, unless arrangements made with the President.

Important Note

This campground is closed after the first week in June for three weeks to prepare for the Safari shoot (the July 4th weekend). The campground is also closed during Safari weekend unless you are participating in the event. Check our website for updates.

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