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Vegas/State Indoor Warm-Up
Vegas/State Indoor Warm-Up

Sat, Jan 27


Cascadian Bowmen

Vegas/State Indoor Warm-Up

5-Spot Vegas Round Shoot

Time & Location

Jan 27, 2024, 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Cascadian Bowmen, 91714 Poodle Creek Rd, Noti, OR 97461, USA

About the Event

Get Ready for Big Shoots!

  • Registration will start at 8 am
  • Qualification Shoot Times: 9:00 am & 12:00 pm
  • Shoot Up will start immediately after the noon line and scores are entered.
  • Facebook Cascadian bowmen to reserve a line time.


1. 5-Spot Vegas round will be shot for qualifications (2 practice ends, 12 scoring ends of 5 arrows)

2. All archers 12 years and older regardless of sex, or style will shoot a 5-spot or 1-spot Vegas target at 20 yards, archers 11 years and younger may shoot at 10 yards (If you are bringing a 10-yard shooter, please send us a message to ensure we have plenty of lanes)

3. Shoot time will be 4:00 minutes per end. All arrows not shot within the time limit will be scored zero. The clock will be strictly enforced. Official judges can make exceptions in the event of clock failure or malfunction.

4. Any arrow shot that entirely crosses the 10-foot line will be considered a shot arrow and, therefore scored as a zero.

5. ‘Outside-In’ scoring will be used. Arrows that touch the line or plane of the circle will count the higher score.

6. Ties will be broken by counting x’s. In the qualifying shoot phase, if ties are present after counting X’s the shooter that shot the lowest score not counting X’s in the earliest end will lose. If points were dropped on the same end X‘s will be in effect again.

7. If you have equipment failure during the qualifying score phase, you will be allowed the balance of your current end and one additional end to fix the failure. Make-up arrows will be shot immediately after the 10th end.

8. No arrow larger than a 27/64 diameter will be allowed.

9. Multiple Arrow Shot Rule:

If an archer shoots more than 5 arrows at a given end, the lowest 5 arrows will be counted.

10. Zero's will be counted as zero's - no penalty (if you shoot an arrow accidentally, you may self-report/self-penalize by applying an * next to your score, so you will be flighted in the correct flight).

11. Targets must be switched top to bottom, bottom to top after 6 ends.

12. No arrow will be called more than 3 times. A primary tournament judge (Caller) and secondary tournament judge (Scorekeeper) shall be assigned before the shoot begins. If the Caller and Scorekeeper disagree about the score of an arrow the Official Third Judge (designated prior to the qualification round starting) will be called for the 3rd and final tie-breaking call.

13. During scoring, archers will remain back beyond the designated line to give the officials room to move about the targets and arrows without being crowded or accidentally contacting the arrows.

Shoot Up:

After Qualifications are completed, flights will be divided into equal flights with max shooters of 14 per flight. Flights will be posted in numerical order, except if there is a zero shot (see qualification rule 10).

The Shoot-Up is a head-to-head elimination consisting of 2 ends on a Vegas Target (1 or 5-spot of the archers choosing). The shooter with the lowest qualifying score, in each flight, will shoot against the next highest score. This continues until all archers in the flight have competed and all places are established.

During the shoot up, if ties are present after counting X’s at the conclusion of the second end, an additional end will be shot. If a tie still exists after one additional end, the position will be decided by one arrow closest to the center on a ½ sized target.

There will be no time allowance for equipment failure. You may have a back-up bow ready.

All flights will pay the top 3 positions. The Prizes: Cash prizes will be awarded to 1st (50% of available flight purse), 2nd (30% of available flight purse), and 3rd (20% of available flight purse).

Available flight purse money will be broken down as follows. The entire tournament purse will be divided equally between all the flights, then adjusted the more so that each flight has $20 more than the flight below it. (Example: if there are 42 shooters, 3 flights with $1260 total, 1st flight $440, 2nd flight $420, 3rd flight $400.)

Registration fee is $40 (cash) broken out to $10 to the host & $30 to the purse.

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